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NVDA is short for NonVisual Desktop Access. It is a screen reader which enables blind or visually impaired people to access information on a computer. On-screen information is being read out and translated into Braille, a dot based tactile script. NVDA is bundled with eSpeak, a free speech synthesizer but it also is possible to use SAPI4 and SAPI 5 speech engines, like RealSpeak’s Emily. For Braille output with NVDA, Handy Tech Braille displays are ideal.

You can use NVDA right away or install it on your PC.

Starting NVDA now, you will gain immediate access to this PC. No program is installed and once you finished your session the used computer storage will be free again.

In case a Handy Tech Braille display is connected to the computer, information will immediately show on the Braille display.

Note! From the NVDA Version 2011.3 onwards, prior installation of a Braille driver no longer is necessary.

Install NVDA on your computer and you can set it to automatically start once Windows starts. It also will then be possible to start NVDA using hot keys and it will remember your individual settings.

The Project

NVDA is an open source project covered by the GNU General Public License (Version 2). You are free to share or change this software in any way you like as long as it is accompanied by the license and you make all source code available to anyone who wants it. This applies to both original and modified copies of this software, plus any derivative works. For further details you can read in the full license, or read more in the software’s included original “Copying.txt” file. More information on the project and their terms of use can be found at

The Braille support of NVDA was implemented with Help Tech GmbH’s kind support.

Using Synthetic Speech and Braille output, NonVisual Desktop Access (short NVDA) enables blind and visually impaired people to gain access to and interact with the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft office and numerous apllications of third parties.

NVDA Highlights

  • Ability to run entirely from a USB stick or other portable media without the need for installation.
  • Easy to use talking installer.
  • Surf the Web using Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer.
  • Manage your e-mails with Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.
  • Supports Microsoft Office applications.
  • Supports common accessibility interfaces like Java Access Bridge (Java Runtime Environment).
  • Supports Adobe Reader.
  • Supports IBM Lotus Symphony.
  • Supports Windows Command Prompt and console applications.
  • Automatic announcement of text under the mouse.
  • Optional audible indication of the mouse position.
  • Supports Braille displays using Braille drivers from Handy Tech or BRLTTY.


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